Livingston BoatsAnnouncement:

Livingston Boats Sale Finalized

Happy New Year to all.

Last year was certainly not easy but in a challenging environment and within an industry down 65%+, we are very happy to announce the closing of Livingston Boats Inc.

An iconic boat manufacturer in the PNW since 1968, Livingston Boats is an 18′ and under catamaran shaped hull boat manufacturer known for durable, stable and safe boat designs.

After screening 35 buyer candidates, we were able to present our client with three purchase offers giving them the option to choose the best candidate to carry on the forty-year old Livingston brand.

The buyer commented, “Not only did Roupp Acquisitions do a great job for the Seller but they were a tremendous resource for us as well”.

We are thrilled with the future outlook of Livingston Boats and look forward to our clients continued success and ongoing relationship with the Buyer.

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